by | 8 May 2023


As we reported in our previous post, in addition to Benitachell, we are now also involved in MESA Moraira. On 26th of May we hope to be able to close the doors there in order to start renovation work a few days later. The front of the property will be fitted with a sliding glass wall so that inside and outside become one. The renovation will take about a month. So our target date to open is 1 July. We say “target date” because you never know. The furnishings such as tables, chairs, lamps, etc. will be arriving from the Netherlands in the first week of June. The interior will broadly resemble MESA Bennebroek.

Do we have any news from Benitachell? Yes, there too, things are moving on steadily behind the scenes. We still hope to get the permit soon so we can continue the renovation there as well. If this happens around June, there is a good chance we can still open in September. Of course, we will keep you all informed. For now, we are focusing on MESA Moraira, which we are all really looking forward to. Please enjoy all the goodies and delicacies in the near future, because we will also surprise you with our beautiful menu and wonderful ambiance. For now.

With hospitable regards,